We provide a unique solution to your business needs be it training for your employees, or assistance in your sales and marketing efforts.  We do our best to give you the opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining business professionalism.  We commit ourselves to providing you with practical solutions for your business.  Learn more about what we do and how we can help you.


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Our Commitment To You

We dedicate ourselves to excellence and integrity. We commit to professionalism and reliability. We do our best to work with you and only here to add value to your business.We have been providing solutions to local and international businesses for more than 13 years now. Our experience is focused on Business Development where we are able to help many find a good solution for their business by conducting Needs-Analysis before anything else.

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Training Topics

The Personal Financial Management Seminar

The Personal Financial Management of 1920 Solutions helps your employees to be free from financial mess and facilitates them to set financial goals. We have prepared practical and effective lessons and workshops that would actually open their minds and make them successful in their financial endeavors.

The Star Salesman: Effective Sales & Marketing Seminar/Workshop

Stop beating around the bush and start getting those sales!  The main point in every business is PROFIT.  Without profit, your business will surely close.  This Seminar/Workshop will boost your sales people and reach your zenith in production.

Sales & Merchandising Seminar/Workshop

The grocery store can be a great battle ground and you may not even know it.  Learn the secrets on how to make those sales in the battle of the merchandisers.  Teach your merchandisers how to succeed and let them know how important they are as the front liners.

The Manager’s Enhancement Program

This program is aimed to help and develop your marketing managers in their responsibility to help your company reach its potential in sales. This is a very comprehensive training program with workshops; if followed, this will surely give you the edge in your industry.

Teamwork that Works! Seminar & Workshop

The Teamwork Seminar & Workshop of 1920 Solutions helps your employees to realize the value of teamwork and how much it affects their daily work.  We provide you a practical and fun way to transform your staff into a team player.   We aim to teach them how to relate teamwork to their daily task and how work can be easier done when they work together.

Leadership 101: Seminar & Workshop

The Leadership Seminar & Workshop of 1920 Solutions provides you a practical and fun way to improve your employee’s leadership ability. This seminar & workshop provides you with both practical and realistic skills and information that will help you build leadership potentials within your staff and thus giving them the chance to grow and be efficient for the company.  A growing employee is a happy employee; a happy employee is an efficient employee, and an efficient employee is a big contributor to the company.

Effective Telemarketing

‘Telemarketing’ means telephone-based research, appointment making, or other information exchange.  Telephone selling (or telesales) is where an actual sale can be made over the phone, such as advertising sales.  Effective telemarketing, on the other hand, is a skill. It’s not enough to learn how to sell over the phone. Calling the most number of people will not do if it’s not effective or generate actual sales.  Countless thousands of salespeople have ‘earned their stripes’ by selling on the phone. Cut the chase and learn the secrets of Effective Telemarketing and start bringing in the profit for your company.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

We searched on the top training needs of companies for their managers and employees and we are surprised to see that Interpersonal and Communication skill is on the top 5.  Business is communication.  You need to communicate well in order to relay your message the way you want it to be so you’ll get things done according to your expectation.  If a business is all about communication, we make communication our business!  Teach your managers and employees the skills to communicate well and lessen the possibilities of misunderstanding and thus raising the outcome of your production.

Project Management

Every business is a project and in any project is a good business if it is done well.  If you have to complete work that involves budget, time limitations, constant communication, etc. then you should know these simple, practical and effective way to develop Project Management skills.  This training/workshop will teach you how to define the right project, planning the project, sequencing the project, implementing the project and closing the project.

Self Management (Time management, Self-image, etc.)

It is an embarrassing fact that most Filipinos are not good in time management.  The problem with this is because, although they can manage their work well, they do not know how to manage themselves.  As a result, their work and business are at risk of being mismanaged.  Train your people on how to manage their self so they can be more effective in their task.  The fact is, everything starts within your self; manage your self and you can manage just anything!

The Power of Multi-Tasking

In this fast paced world, anyone who wants to be in control of their destiny should be very good in multi-tasking.  In this training, we will teach your people how to prioritize their work, how to use technology to maximize their output, how to set their schedules in a way that they are able to do everything they need to do, etc.

Constructive Personality Assets at Work

Corporate organizations need to understand that people are made up of 4 major personality types known as sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic and choleric personality type.  These personalities have specific descriptions which are actually advantageous on the part of the company as well as when dealing with one another.  With this seminar/workshop, corporate members will realize that each personality type inside the company can contribute something for the benefit of the organization and it can speak of many positive impression instead of negative against one’s personality.

For more inquiries send us an email 1920solutions@gmail.com

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