What should you really be looking at when prospecting?

Many people in the sales industries have a misconception of prospecting. Salespersons simply assume that everyone in the phone directory, and on the streets, is a target they can sell their products or services to. As long as they can make a profit, they don’t really care what they sell and to whom they sold the products or services to.

Reality hurts. Life is never as simple as that. It seems that nobody convince to buy the products, and salesmen hardly close any deals. To earn a living, salesmen simply job-hop to another company, selling a different product. This is not helped by the fact that some companies are constantly recruiting new sales staff to replace poor performers. The new salespersons are rarely provided with proper sales training or equipped with effective selling skills before they start prospecting. Without prior sales experience, good sales knowledge and determination, they are unlikely to stay long in the sales industries.

The cycle goes on, and the job-hopping mentality resurfaces. Salesmen simply don’t realize that there isn’t any Easy-to-sell product! The key to being a successful salesperson lies in the correct identification of the right prospects and superior proposing skills to close deals effectively. There is no one perfect product that suits everyone needs. That why we need good salespersons to match benefits to desires, and to convince potential consumers that the product is really for them.

Prospecting isn’t about finding the most prospects, but more about locating the right prospects. Wrong prospect targeting will only waste your time and increase your failure rate of closing deals.


Article from Selling-techniques.com by Kelvin Chia

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