Fact-Based or Values-Based on Advertising?

In my own opinion, facts can change every now and then but values are hard to change.  For example, people believed that the world was flat but Columbus changed the facts by proving that it is, indeed, round.  A shirt can be white but it simply changes by soaking it to a red colored dye.  But then again there are facts that never changes like one plus one is equal to two.  Or sugar is always sweet and water is always wet.

Values, however, is hard to change.

It may change but it is so hard to change.  Our daily decisions in life are usually based on our values.  We decide to wake up, work and deliver with excellence because of the values taught to us.  Values are hard to change because it something that we have developed as we grow up.  Values become our habit.

When it comes to advertising, it is better to touch people’s values first before presenting the facts.

When you, as a businessman, are able to present the facts that influences the person’s values then you get a sure sale.  I’ve found this to be very effective in any product that I have sold in my 15 years of sales and marketing experience.  Now that is a fact!

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