Do the WIIFM

When I worked as a salesman in an insurance company, my manager told me one thing that never left my mind since.

He said that insurance is one of the hardest things to sell since you only show your clients paper and fine prints.  It promises a lot about something that has not happened yet.  But then, he has a way of presenting it that really catches the attention of his potential clients.  He said, never forget the WIIFM.

At first it sound like a radio station or something but when he explained that it is an acronym that stands for “What’s-In-It-For-Me” then I understood.  Young as I was, I was so passionate and eager to sell.  I have the “Let’s get this over with” attitude!  I tried selling with that kind of attitude.  It was not bad but it was also not good because I was not closing sales.  So I shifted my plan to focusing on closing the sale to serving what my clients need.  WIIFM!

WIIFM motivates people to buy without the hesitations of cost.

Not all people are motivated by money primarily but they are motivated to buy because they know that it can add value to their lives. People need to feel that they are valued.

It doesn’t matter if you are conversing live with a potential client or employer, creating data sheets or advertisements, or writing your blog; always ask yourself how what you are saying is benefiting your listener or reader.

Do the WIIFM?


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