Why Do Buyers Take a Long Time to Decide?

Price is a big factor in every sale. However, it is hardly the primary basis people make a buying decision. If that were the case, luxury vehicles wouldn’t exist, designer clothes would keep on being unsold, and everyone would shop at discount stores.

For what reason do you think buyers take unreasonably long to decide? Do you really think they want to take that long? Think of a decision you have made with your teammates, or a family member.  What was the cost between what you wanted to come to pass, and the others wanted to have happen?  Where did you all end up vs where you began – and what was the process between the two?  What did you come across understanding that you didn’t start up knowing – and what amount of time into your program did it take you to figure that out? And how did it affect the ultimate decision?

The goal of marketing has always been to persuade buyers at just the right moment…that a purchasing phase is going to be made. Marketing is about touch points, places where the potential purchaser is open to inspiration.

Here’s the bottom line: People want to get what they paid for and most decision makers wants the most desirable solution for their present situation which means that price is seldom the basis they make a buying decision.

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