The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

I have been a salesman for more than 19 years now and if there is something I found out in those 19 years is that sales and marketing are two distinctive thing. In fact, selling is not marketing just as marketing is not sales as sales is not selling. Confused? A salesman does marketing in order for him to sell and make a sale. See the significant difference?

Okay. The thing here is that these words are once in a while interchanged by people believing that they are all the same – they are associated, yes, but they do not have precisely the same meaning. So let’s cut the chase, what exactly is the difference?

Marketing is when you learn what the end user wants – a “Marketing Man” usually do this phase. On the flip side, Sales is when you are trying to search for ways to influence a buyer to buy and the process of application is what we call “selling” – a salesman is the one doing this process.

So why do I need to know all these? Because these are crucial strategies and to switch them will be a mortal sin.

Learn more about Sales here.

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