BRANDING: The Bottom Line in Sales and Marketing

You may have a very suitable approach for your brand, ready with a good marketing design and expecting a good effect. You can have an exceptional, expensive marketing strategy. You can run your billboards, TV commercials, print ads, radio spots — all doling out a persisting message, compensated with a flashy sounding jingle.

But it’s all futile if the actual experiences you deliver to your consumers don’t bring into line with your brand’s messages. The actual experience was not actually what the customer expects. In this case then you have failed! Your product should be able to walk the talk.

Bottom line is that your brand isn’t actually what you say it is. It’s what your consumers say it is. No matter what your advertising agent may say, ultimately your brand is constructed by what you do. Consumers judge brands the exact same way they assess people — by their actions, not their promises. Do you follow through? Falseness undermines any brand message you send, which damages trust — that would, in the end, destroys your relationship with your customer. Everything boils down to what kind of experiences you deliver.

Are you giving what your customer hopes from your label?

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