How to get an Effective Sales and Marketing Training for Your Sales Team

Attending seminars for sales and marketing is good.  You can encourage yourself and probably motivate your sales team.  You and your team can have that “feel-good” experience during and after the seminar.  There are a lot of good speakers out there with very good credentials.  They may show you some good ways to be effective in sales and marketing but I bet they won’t be able to answer all your questions and concerns.  It is not because they can’t.  Of course they can!  These are experienced men and women and they are successful in their craft.  The reason why they cannot answer all your questions and concerns is because in seminars like this there are hundreds of people and there is just no time to answer all your questions.  In fact, they might not even give you time to ask because of time constraint.

What you need is a good trainer; a coach who will take the time to look at every concerns and treat your sales team as individuals.  Why do you need this?  Because choosing an effective sales and marketing training for your people is very important for the success of your team.

Here are two things you need to know when choosing sales and marketing training:

1.  Training Module

It is very important that you know, first of all, what are the topics that will be discussed by the trainer during the training.  It is also important that you ask what are the methodologies used by the coach.  What is their approach?  How are they planning to deliver the message to your people?  These are important things to consider when choosing a training company for your team.

2.  Trainer

Just as the message is important, the messenger is also as important as the message.  You have to meet with the trainer personally and see how he sells himself.  If he cannot sell himself well then how do you expect him to teach your people how to sell?  Remember, everyone may look good on paper but what are important are skills that the trainer has.  He must not just have the training skills but also the selling skills.

Remember, you do not just want your sales team to “feel good” but you want them to be productive.  Every salesman is measured by the deals he closed and not the deals he opened.  He may have a lot of people in his pipeline but if he is not able to convert them in to sales then he is not a salesman.

I hope this helps you when you make a decision in choosing an effective sales and marketing training for your sales team.

Aldous Echegoyen has helped both local and international companies in their sales and marketing needs.  He has more than 15 years of sales, marketing and business development experience.  To know more about him please visit HERE.

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