How to Find an Effective Sales and Marketing Training in Manila

Manila is a big place with diverse culture, people and profession.  My family and I have stayed here for more than 4 years now and there is one thing I have realized here and that is Manila has great opportunities if you go look for it.  Survival of the fittest, so they say.  Those opportunities that you did not grab today will be seized by someone else tomorrow.

When you look for an effective sales and marketing training in Manila, you have to consider these things.  You have to understand that there are a lot of trainers out there who will claim to be able to help you out.  I checked a free classifieds site and look for other trainers promoting their services there and I can see that their rates are way cheaper than mine.  Although I still consider myself lower than the usual mainstream trainer, my rate is how much I believe I am worth.

Here are some tips that may be able to help you when looking for sales and marketing training in Manila.  Find someone who:

  1. Knows the market in Manila

It is important that the trainer you chose knows the local market or else everything he will teach your sales team will just be theories.  The problem with teaching theories is, as it suggests, it is not yet proven.  If your sales team asks something during the training then, tendency is he will not be able to answer straight and he will just be going around in circles.

  1. Understands the local

In sales and marketing, understanding your target market is very important.  That is how you can make sure that you have a stratified customer – giving them what they wanted and needed.  If you chose a trainer who does not understand how the consumer in your local area thinks then you are in big trouble.  It will just be the blind leading the blind.  Don’t let this happen to you sales team.

  1. Has the track record

But of course, nothing beats a track record.  If the trainer has done it then, for sure, whatever he teaches is something that he has proven to be effective.  I mean, the only way for you to know that training is going to be effective is when the trainer himself has proven that it is, indeed, effective.  As they say, walk the talk…practice what you preach.

There may be a lot of trainers out there.  Most of them are competent but some of them are just plain bozo who is just in it for the money.  Your sales team may enjoy the training session and the trainer may be a good entertainer but that’s all you get – plain entertainment and a waste of time and money.

Choose wisely when you plan to have a sales and marketing training for your sales people.  Your choice may determine the difference between failure and success.

For your sales and marketing training in Manila, you can contact Al Echegoyen by clicking on this link.  If you know of someone or an organization who might need this training, please refer us to them.

4 thoughts on “How to Find an Effective Sales and Marketing Training in Manila

  1. I agree in some points that you mentioned in the article you wrote. I can also see that you are not a local manager. It will be very hard for you to “walk your talk” if you are not familiar with the Philippine terrain, the different sales channels as well as the depth of the managers you will train locally. There is a group of Ex-P&G Sales managers who are now very active in training not only in classroom but conducts actual field sales training for a minimal daily fee. They have trained Sales People/managers in Multi-National as well as Top corporations in the Philippines. Some have gone training Sales Organizations in countries in ASIA. This group will first conduct diagnostics approach to the company’s issues, opportunities as well as strengths before even jumping into training for the company’s people. In short, the approach will be tailor fitted to the needs of the organization. If you need help , please feel free to send me a note over to my email address. I will be glad to assist you or your group.

    1. Thanks for your comment Frederic. Just for your information, I am a Filipino and I have been in Manila for a long time before I got married in Cebu. Because of the business my family have to travel from one place to another that is why I mentioned that my family moved here 4 years ago but I, myself, knows the local. I also do training needs analysis before every training I do and I tailor-fit my training to the needs of an organization. So there it is, I do “walk my talk” but I’m happy to see your comment too. Thanks again.

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