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What is 19:20 Solutions?

The idea of the name 19:20 Business Solutions is taken from Proverbs 19:20 which says, “Listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days”. It’s so sad that many people who have reached their peak stopped to progress by ceasing to hear counsel and advice from others. A lot of people who has reached the peak of their mountain stay there because there’s nowhere else to go. But some people when they reach the peak of their mountain looks at the sky and fly – these are the people who are wise because they are a constant student of progress and thus they succeed. 19:20 Business Solutions is aiming to provide wings by providing topics that can stimulate the minds of the participants and business innovations that can help you market your business. Established since 2004, 19:20 Business Solutions has a commitment to raise the bar of your business and bring it to the next level.

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