Who we are

We have to admit that there is always room for improvement for our business and company.  Employees have some weaknesses that may drag the company down in the future.  A Training Program gives them the opportunity to work on those weaknesses and help bring your Company to the next level.

For all your training and seminar needs, we introduce to you 1920 Business Solutions. We are a training and mentoring Team aiming to develop people and provide practical solutions by equipping, encouraging and empowering. We believe that people can change if and when they believe that they can. This principle inspired us to organize this group to help your employees reach their potential and move on to the next level.

We guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of your employees in their given areas of responsibilities with the most holistic approach possible. With 1920 Business Solutions, you are on your way to raising the bar of your employee’s performance and thus increasing competence in their given role.

Who we are

We are a team of well experienced and highly competent achievers in our professions ready to transfer our knowledge and experience to your staff. This is lead by our Chief Coach, Al Echegoyen who started this group since 2004. We believe in the power of influence by equipping, encouraging and empowering as the means for change.

Our Method

1920 Business Solutions’ way of teaching, mentoring and equipping is divided into two parts: the heart and the mind. We aim to balance the principles and the practicalities in each given topic. Participants will be learning the basics and essentials in every training while looking at new approaches in our modern society and create their own personal approach in their given area of assignment.  In order to accomplish this, we conduct a Training Need Analysis for your Company to make sure that we only conduct a tailor-fitted training for your employees.

Our Commitment

Since the year 2004, 1920 Business Solutions has been involved in giving its audience balanced teaching: balancing the heart and the mind. Our commitment to our client is to give their employees practical ways to succeed and not just give them another motivational talk. We aim to provide the highest quality of service and have dedicated ourselves to the improvement of your staff.