The Personal Financial Management Seminar & Workshop


I will be very honest with you – years ago I have owed money from different people and companies – I owed more than half a million pesos. I lost my business and trust of business partners. My family has suffered because of what happened. For years, my wife and I have tried different strategies so we can get out of debt. We tried to go into more potential and lucrative businesses but ends up to be a failure. I have failed and I was not proud of it. I felt like I was the most irresponsible husband and father I’ve ever known. I hated myself as I run away from collectors and series of lawsuits.

In this PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP, I will be teaching our participants what I did to get out of debt and build my financial success again and be where I am right now – financially free!

No tricks! No marketing! Just plain practicality and honesty.

Trying to make ends meet on your finances?

It is a given factor that Filipinos are hard up with their finances. It is not about how much they are earning but how much they are spending.

Entrepreneur, management consultant, and financial adviser, Francisco Colayco, commented: “I realized soon enough that they (Filipinos) did not know how to handle their personal finances.While all of them were driven by the desire to earn money, it became evident that most,  if not all of them, had no real understanding of how to keep and manage money.” (Pubished on page Q6 of the October 3, 2004 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

The Personal Financial Management of 19:20 Business Solutions will help our participants to be free from financial mess and will facilitate them to set financial goals. We have prepared practical and effective lessons and workshops that would actually open their minds and make them successful in their financial endeavors.

Who Should Attend

This is open to anyone who are interested in improving their financial health. More importantly, this is highly recommended to people who are in a financial mess, especially those who have made loans from the company, from loan sharks, Lending Companies, or even credit card(s) and found it very hard to pay off their debt.

Method of Presentation

For years now, I have personally witnessed how employees hurt themselves and other people because of their unhealthy finances. Too many relationships have been broken and lives shattered because of financial disaster – trust me, I was there before! As always, my way of teaching, mentoring and equipping is divided into two parts: the heart and the mind. We aim to balance the principles and the practicalities in finances.

The first part will be more on making your people realize the causes of financial problems, how they get there and what kind of attitude will help them get out of that financial mess. The second part is the practical side of the seminar where they get a lot of workshops basing on their actual personal daily expenses. In this part, we will be teaching them how to budget, pay off debt and set financial goals.

The Personal Financial Management Workshop – OUTLINE

PART 1 – Introductory Seminar

The Problem Discussed – Why We Mess Up With Our Personal Finances

  1. The Problem of not Discussing the Issue
  2. The real problem
  3. Looking Into Details
  4. Balancing Our Financial Decisions
  5. How to Get Balance in your Decisions
  6. Getting Balanced Principles
  7. Principle of Financial Stewardship

 PART 2 – Practical Seminar

Three Steps to Financial Freedom

Step#1 Learning to Budget

  1. Budgeting 101
  2. The Keys to Successful Budgeting

Step#2 Getting Out of Debt

  1. Why We Get Into Debt
  2. The Urge to Splurge (The Psychology of Spending Money)
  3. Calculating Your Financial Health
  4. Debt Repayment Schedule

Step#3 Setting Financial Goals

  1. Responsibilities
  2. Financial Foundation
  3. Financial Knowledge
  4. The Solution

Contribution to your Company

With the Personal Financial Management Seminar, you are sure to increase your employees’ quality of service to your company for the following reasons:

  • Their attitude towards their finances will greatly improve
  • When their attitude is improved they will work with a positive attitude
  • When they work with a positive attitude they produce excellence
  • When they produce excellence the company grows

I’m sure your employees/staff will be thankful to you for giving them this opportunity to be aware of their Financial Health and be able to find ways and means to solve their financial concerns.

Imagine your people FREE FROM FINANCIAL PROBLEMS AND CONCERNS.  Send them in and help them.  Help them and do your company a big favor.